Anamorphic Cinema for Alchemy – Rebooted!

16th December 2014: Anamorphic Cinema is now available directly from

Anamorphic Cinema for Alchemy is back. It is based on John Proctor’s 30 favourite patches I originally re-sampled from Scanned Synth Pro for the Scanned Synthesis 2 Reason Refill in 2013 and the first commercial sample pack I contributed to. It was originally released for sale at Humanoid Sound Systems in July 2013 and withdrawn in June 2014 when Enzyme‘s sample packs were due for release. In November 2014 John gave me permission to distribute and sell it once again.

So Anamorphic Cinema for Alchemy is now available again – this time directly and exclusively from

Act quickly and grab a real bargain now:

From the original description:

“Anamorphic Cinema is a unique hybrid of rawness and sophistication, capturing the internal richness and movement of scanned synthesis. It brings you pads that are rich and analogue in character, or airy and machine-like, plus leads featuring screaming filters, wheezing tubes, struck glass, and bags of retro attitude, and wiry, metallic, filth-laden basses tortured from wire and rust. 

Starting life as 121Mb of detailed multi-samples captured from Humanoid Sound Systems’ Scanned Synth Pro, the sounds of Anamorphic Cinema have subsequently been enhanced by Alchemy filters, extensive modulation options, real-time performance controls and extra effects, to produce a library that will work perfectly across a host of genres including electronica and ambient, through to more aggressive styles such as industrial and dubstep.   

Number of sounds: 30 (240 Variations).
Sound Categories: 19 pads, 7 leads 3 basses, and 1 effect.
Genres: Electronica, Soundtrack, Industrial, Dubstep, Glitch.
Sound Designer: Neil Paddock, Bryan Lee.
Download Size: 121MB.
Requirements: Alchemy (Not Alchemy player).”

Here are two demos especially created using some of the 30 patches from the original “Scanned Synthesis 2” Reason Refill (which uses the same core re-samples as Anamorphic Cinema for Alchemy):

Anamorphic Cinema for Alchemy (Now simply called Anamorphic Cinema – Reboot) retails for 10.00 AUD, is available for purchase directly from here:

Camel Audio’s Alchemy and Alchemy Player

Alchemy is the flagship product of Camel Audio. It is one of the leading virtual synthesizers and one of my all time favourites – and that is just based on the Free version!

If you have not seen it before, be sure to check out this video of version 1.5.

A newer version, 1.55 is now available. The full retail version is available for 249.00 USD.

A bundled version of Alchemy (together with CamelPhat and CamelSpace) is available from The Plugin Boutique.

You can also download a FREE version – the Alchemy Player here:

There’s also a FREE Multi effects plug-in called CamelCrusher worth checking out – here:

Note that you will need to activate the 30 day trial of Alchemy in the free player to use the Anamorphic Cinema – Reboot.

After the 30 days it will revert back to the FREE player again. It’s still well worth a download though. The sounds the free version  comes with are nothing short of amazing!

You can buy Alchemy from Camel Audio or via the Plug-in Boutique.

If you still want more Scanned Synth Pro or Anamorphic Cinema goodness…

Free “Scanned Synthesis 2” Reason Refill


Click to download the FREE “Scanned Synthesis 2” Refill.

Propellerhead Reason User?

No Problem. Head over to Propellerhead’s Free Refill Page and grab yourself a copy of the Reason Version – now downloaded over 76,446 times since it was launched!

Want to see a video of these sounds in action?

I created a video based on the sounds contained within “Scanned Synthesis 2” and give a tour of the Reason Refill here.

Check in at our new shop to see our current Christmas Deals!

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