DTX – Exploded! Sample Set 1 now available from our e-shop!

5th May 2015:

It’s true! Our DTX – Exploded! Sample Set 1 of 3 is now available from our e-shop for FREE*!

Over 400 drum samples lovingly wrenched [or is that exploded?] from a DTXPLORER kit and then equally lovingly re-assembled as per the original factory kits, for Kontakt and sfz compatible samplers such as sforzando.

And that includes all the samples for all the factory kits. So you can create your own custom kits if you want to. Incidentally, you can browse through all our current drum products at the following link:


Set 1 gives you the full sample set and the first 8 kits (in preset format for Kontakt and sfz):
The first 8 factory kits are 1) Acoustic Kit 2) Rock Kit 3) Studio Kit 4) HipHop R&B Kit 5) Vinyl Kit 6) Vintage Kit 7) Break Kit & 8) Groove Kit.

Set 2 (also available for FREE from us gives you the next 8 kits – in preset format for Kontakt and sfz): Just merge this with your existing Set 1 folder.
That’s: 9) Mixed Voice 10) Mellow Club 11) Loop Session 12) Acoustic Funk 13) World Kit 14) Cool Hip 15) Analog Kit and 16 Techno Kit.

Set 3 (available for $16 AUD gives you the remaining 16 factory kits – see below)

*We appreciate your support: If you enjoy using our sample packs, please consider supporting howtoprogramdrums.com by adding a “Pay What You Want” amount for Sets 1 and 2 through the optional “Pay What You Want” pricing we have introduced when you download them. It’s just before the Get it now button – and will be much appreciated.Pay What You WantYou can also support us by buying Set 3. Thank you.

Here’s what the first 8 kits sound like (from the Reason re-sampled Kong kits):

DTXPLORER Set 1 (01-08)

Download Set 1 for FREE from our Selz,com e-shop!

Here is Set 2:

Here’s what the next 8 kits sound like (from the Reason re-sampled Kong kits)

DTXPLORER Set 2 (09-16)

Download a further 8 preset kits for FREE from here!

And finally, for completists out there, Set 3: Scripts for the remaining 16 kits – for just $16.00 (AUD)

Here is what kits 17 – 24 sound like: 17) Deep Kit 18) Drumn’Bass Kit 19) All Round Kit 20) Power Beat Kit 21) Hornsgroove Kit 22) Electro Kit 23) Jazz Kit & 24) Light Shot Kit.

And here is what kits 25 – 32 sound like: 25) Tabla Kit 26) Ethnic Kit 27) Room Kit 28) Reggae Kit 29) Ballad Kit 30) Brush Kit 31) LatinPercs 1 Kit & 32) LatinPercs 2 Kit.

DTXPLORER Set 3 (17-32)

SET 3 – 16 Further Kits (Scripts & Presets only) for $16.00

Want some drum midi files?

If you want some full midi drum tracks to go with these, why not give James Paddock’s MEGA PACKS a try? There are now two packs available to buy from our e-shop. Currently only $10 for both! More about that below:

Over 200 Full Midi Drum tracks now available for only $10!


Incidentally, you can check out how the original DTXPLORER full 32 factory kits sound here:

P.S. Do you own a DTXPLORER? If you have a DTXPLORER and you have struggled to set it up to play with a Digital Audio Workstation like Reason, you can read our related article about using it with Reason here:


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Note 1 : The DTX – Exploded! set is a sample pack only – in three parts. There are no electronic components, drum pads or cymbals included, just a digital sound pack, re-sampled from the original electronic kit.

Note 2: We are not affiliated with Yamaha Corporation, creator of the DTXPLORER electronic drum kit: We do however own a number of their excellent products, including the DTXPLORER kit, which I can recommend without hesitation to fellow drummers and music enthusiasts.

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Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites
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Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites

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