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150 Free Full Midi Drum Tracks by James Paddock

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Dear howtoprogramdrums Subscriber,

I am really delighted to introduce you to a unique and exclusive FREE series to help drum programmers, music producers and songwriters with their compositions and original music productions. It’s been a long time coming, and now I am really excited to announce this unique and exclusive offering to our subscribers – from composer James Paddock. You simply will not get this anywhere else.


James Paddock

James Paddock

James Paddock is currently studying B Mus. Music Composition at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Perth, WA.

James is a prolific and talented midi composer and video game developer, and he has generously agreed to let us share the drum patterns from 150 of his best midi tracks, as published on his YouTube Channel, JamesPaddockMusic, with you, for FREE! You can hear a sample of his work in the video above.

Product Testimonial:

“I download the How to Program Drums free midi drum tracks.

What I like: I find them very useful for programming drums in
interesting and slightly unpredictable ways in my productions. I
combine sections of them to drive NI Battery. The loops are tight
and high-quality, and full of interesting variations.

Suggestion for improvement: None at all. They’re perfect as they are.”

Richard Philpott
22nd February 2015

How cool is that?

Want to hear some examples?

So here is how it works:

We will send you a link to a unique full midi drum track, twice a week, every week, for as long as you remain a subscriber. You are free to use these patterns in your own music productions under the conditions of use*.

Now bear in mind, this isn’t just some cliched 4 bar pattern. It’s the full drum arrangement behind each song: intro, chorus, bridge, fills, ending – the full works! You get odd time signatures, double bass drum patterns, orchestral percussion and more! Quite simply, this is a unique educational resource for songwriters – and to just jam along with if you want a snazzy electronic drummer (when yours fails to show up!). And because it’s midi, you can use it with whatever drum sounds and kits that take your fancy! Plus, we will also send you a link to the corresponding video for the full track, so you can see how the drum pattern works with the original instruments.


Simply click on the name of the track to download the drum midi file (We’ll give you this bonus track to keep whatever you decide):

Pattern #000

“Birds” – Bonus Drum Track by James Paddock

As a subscriber, you also will be able to listen to the original full track(s) on James’s YouTube Channel as the corresponding links will also be e-mailed to you with each and every midi drum file download link :


Bonus Offer: The “James Paddock Midi Drum Tracks (JPMDT) Mega Pack”

As an extra special Exclusive offer, all howtoprogramdrums.com subscribers can also benefit from this additional exciting announcement:

If you like receiving and using these patterns, but don’t want to wait to get them all individually, then I have some great news for you!!!

By special arrangement with the author, you can now get the whole series of patterns, the James Paddock Midi Drum Tracks (JPMDT) Mega Pack,  – that’s around fifty hours of drum programming by a WAAPA composition expert – for a very special exclusive sale price of only…

Five Dollars!

Five Dollars (AUD) for 150 exclusive and original drum midis! That represents a price of just $0.033 (3.3 cents) per track!

To order your “James Paddock Midi Drum Tracks (JPMDT) Mega Pack”:

To take advantage of this special discounted offer:

Simply click on the link below and get all 150 of James’s midi drum patterns (+ 1 bonus track) – in a single zipped file:

Check out our The full MIDI MEGA PACK here: 


James Paddock Midi Drum Tracks Cover

MEGA PACK #1 is currently just FIVE DOLLARS!

*151 full midi drum tracks for only $5.00



Yours faithfully



Neil Paddock


P.S. There is now a MEGA PACK#2 – from James’s 30 in 30 series on BandCamp – That’s sixty new full midi drum tracks – currently for the astonishing price of just five dollars!

James Paddock Midi Drum Tracks Cover 2

MEGA PACK #2 is currently just FIVE DOLLARS!

P.P.S. If you do decide to take advantage of this special offer, then please drop by and visit James at YouTube to check out his music. He’d love to hear from you and would appreciate your views – and you can subscribe to his YouTube Channel if you dig what you hear! Thanks!

P.P.S. If this offer is not for you, then that’s fine too. Just sit back and wait for the download links to be delivered to your Inbox for the next 75 weeks – or for as long as you decide to be a subscriber! It’s up to you!

Thank you for listening!


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*Conditions of use for “James Paddock Midi Drum Tracks”

End User Licence Agreement (JPMDT-EULA):

In return for being able to access this unique and exclusive resource available only to our howtoprogramdrums.com subscribers and members, please acknowledge the following prior to use:

  • These drum patterns and files are licenced to you, not owned by you.
  • Please credit James Paddock in writing as the originator/programmer of the pattern (e.g. on a track posted to a SoundCloud page) if you use it either in an unaltered state or as a basis for your compositions, like this: “Drum programming by James Paddock, courtesy of howtoprogramdrums.com”
  • The original song names are copyright of James Paddock (unless specified) and may not be used in your own productions, unless you are creating a full original track remix and submitting it back to us to posting on SoundCloud (see 5)).
  • Please don’t share the midi patterns you download directly with others. Instead, please share our membership page, so your friends and associates can subscribe and benefit from the full range of membership howtoprogramdrums has to offer. The URL for our membership page is: http://www.howtoprogramdrums.com/subscribe/subscribe-to-download/ Optional: This link can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked In from within the page itself. If you enjoy your membership benefits and believe others would benefit too, we would really appreciate you sharing in this way and spreading the word about howtoprogramdrums. Thank you.
  • Also optional: Feel free to send a SoundCloud link of your finished compositions using these patterns to mailto:neilpaddock@howtoprogramdrums.com. We want to hear your music, and we will repost our favourites on SoundCloud.

Thank you for your understanding. Now enjoy these unique midi drum tracks!