150 Free Midi Drum Tracks by James Paddock

16th November 2014

Update: I have posted a new video to help you out if you have extra tracks appearing after importing a midi drum track into Reason. It’s at the end of this post in the newly added Midi Drum Tracks 101 FAQ section. There’s also a selection of recommended software.

I am really delighted to announce the launch of a brand new, unique and exclusive FREE series to help drum programmers, music producers and songwriters with their compositions and original music productions. It’s been a long time coming, and now I am really excited to announce this unique and exclusive offering to our subscribers – from composer James Paddock. You simply will not get this anywhere else.

James Paddock is currently studying B Mus. Music Composition at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Perth, WA.

James is a prolific and talented midi composer and video game developer, and he has generously agreed to let us share the drum patterns from 150 of his best midi tracks, as published on his YouTube Channel, JamesPaddockMusic, with you, for FREE!

Now bear in mind, this isn’t just some cliched 4 bar pattern. It’s the full drum arrangement behind each song: intro, chorus, bridge, fills, ending – the full works! You get odd time signatures, double bass drum patterns, orchestral percussion and more! Quite simply, this is a unique educational resource for songwriters – and to just jam along with if you want a snazzy electronic drummer (when yours fails to show up!). And because it’s midi, you can use it with whatever drum sounds and kits that take your fancy! Plus, we will also send you a link to the corresponding video for the full track, so you can see how the drum pattern works with the original instruments.

Do you want to hear some examples?

Here’s the full track (i.e. drums + all the other instruments) by James called “Atomic”.

Check out our Very Special New Year Offer here:

James Paddock Midi Drum Tracks Cover

Order the full set of James’s Midi Drum Tracks here – Hurry to grab a real bargain!

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Click on the following link to get more details:


These free midi files are only available to subscribers to howtoprogramdrums.com

If you want to subscribe, click here:


Midi Drum Tracks 101 – FAQ

1) How do I play these Midi Drum Tracks?

2) What is a soundfont?

  • Think of it as a special sound library – if you want to read up more on the subject in more detail go to this article:

3) How do I record these Midi Drum Tracks?

  • The easiest way I have found is to use Total Recorder – Try it out for free – you only get about a minute’s recording in the trial version.
  • For $17.95 USD you can record for as long as you like. I bought it. Create .wav .ogg .flac and .mp3 (audio) files with it from download to your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

4) What can I do with these Midi Drum Tracks?

  • If you have Reason 7 or above or Recycle, you can create rex loops from your audio wav or mp3 files. That means splitting the audio you have recorded into slices that can then be slowed down or speeded up. Very cool.
  • Don’t forget the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA). Please read and observe the conditions prior to use.

5) Can you show me a demo?

Sure. Here’s a video demo of how to play and record midi drum tracks using VanBasco’s Free Karaoke Player, the Coolsoft VirtualMIDISynth and also how to use Total Recorder to convert your midi file into audio.

6) Why have I got pianos playing in this midi drum track?

If you are using Reason, and want to know why piano sounds are being loaded up instead of the full drum sounds in a track like #002 “Action Stations”, then watch this video on how to use Soundfonts in Reason, which also takes a look at Cakewalk Express:

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Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites

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