It’s Launch Day Again! FREE Scanned Synth Downloads

14th April 2015

I always aim to get something “launched” (or at least posted to our e-shop) by the 14th of each month.

This month we have some new ESQ-1 patches, some DTXPLORER drum patches and kits, a new Midi DRUM TRACK MEGA PACK 2 by James Paddock and I am also pleased to be able to announce the availability once again of the very first Reason Refill I ever worked on and released, which was based on 30 of the sounds of Scanned Synth Pro by Humanoid Sound Systems. They are developer John Proctor’s favourite Scanned Synth Pro patches.

BASS BeefyDigi
BASS BigBottomEnd
BASS Digitalis
FX Fuerte
LEAD BobAndWeave
LEAD Glass House
LEAD Gordon
LEAD Oboean
LEAD Ozricky
LEAD SetToStun
LEAD Viruzite
PAD Alias
PAD ArkDecimator
PAD Big Saw
PAD Bonita Fader
PAD Cinemascope (John’s personal all-time favourite)
PAD CyberneticCellos
PAD DarkNebula
PAD FalseHope
PAD GrooveKordz
PAD Harmonium
PAD HiveMind
PAD MartianSunrise
PAD Mystery
PAD Overtones Loud
PAD Overtones Soft
PAD SeaOfEmotions
PAD Sonority
PAD StonedOutCyborgs
PAD WarTornMecha

Scanned Synth Pro is an inexpensive VST (virtual) soft synthesizer I bought a few years back, and I was intrigued by the sounds it made. Incidentally, a new synth (which also uses Scanned Synthesis) has since been developed by John Proctor, called Enzyme. Note also that you can download a Free Enzyme Player so you “try before you buy” – that’s available directly from Humanoid Sound Systems.

If you are a Reason User and didn’t grab Scanned Synthesis 2 from the Free Refills section of Propellerhead’s website when it was available – No worries – you will shortly be able to get it directly from our e-shop for FREE.

Here’s a couple of Soundcloud demos I produced with it – they both use just the sounds from this patch set (except for the drums, which are from the RX-17 patch set).

Scanned Synth Reboot

Scanned Synth Reason Reboot. If you don’t have Reason, simply grab the most suitable version of Anamorphic Cinema. It’s based on the same 30 patches from Scanned Synth Pro.

Here’s a video I did a while back previewing the sounds for both this Reason Refill and Anamorphic Cinema:


That’s 30 Cinematic Synthesizer patches for Soundfonts (Green), Kontakt (Red), or Alchemy/sfz (Blue):

Soundfonts (Green)

Kontakt/sfz (Red)

Alchemy/sfz (Blue)

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Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites
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